Ironically enough…

… today we officially commenced summer time and as many pointed out so gleefully earlier this week: it’s spring! Forgive me if I don’t share your enthusiasm at this point.

Helsinki Spring 2012

The above was the view at 0930 this morning. The lovely thing about spring snow is that it covers the emerging piles of dog-doo and other debris that has been buried for three months or more. The not-so-lovely part of spring snow here in the south of Finland is that it is often short-lived and melts to dirty slush in a matter of hours.

So, of course here we go with Alanis Morissette and Ironic. I’d totally forgotten how this clip looked. Now, is that ironic or what?!


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  1. Oh, I hear you, sister. We had 70s for 3 days, and today it’s not supposed to get much above the mid-30s, with a chance of snow. And I dug out all my summer clothes, used them for three days, and now they’re just in the way! That’s a -30℉ difference. Aaaaagggghhhhhhhh! But better weather is coming!


    1. I’m too scared to put the winter woolies away yet! I think I’ll wait for May and / or double digit temperatures. Which ever comes first 🙂


  2. Here, just outside Santa Fe – we’re at 6500′ – snow showers last weekend and daytime temps of 35 degrees F.

    Today it is 80 degrees F.


    1. That’s a significant variance. My first visit to Finland was in winter from southern hemisphere summer. +25 when I left and -10 when I arrived. Major shock!


  3. Argh – so very sorry!
    We haven’t returned to cold in nyc, but while the weekdays haven’t been bad, weekends have been cold and wet.
    Hope the weather turns seasonal soon!


    1. Waiting … waiting… 🙂 I agree, the song is a good pick, I’d forgotten just how fitting it would be!


    1. and it continues! Today +5 and tomorrow for Good Friday another big dump is forecast… HUMPH 😉


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