Obscure facts # 01

ZZ Top and Legs! I have to admit to wasting a fair amount time today tracking this down. Sometimes you just have to go with the original. For added flavour and at no extra cost there are subtitles!

Obscure (as an adjective): not discovered or known about; uncertain. I don’t know about the uncertainty of these facts. I’m quite sure about them 🙂 I’ve decided it’s sharing time. I was going to title this series Random facts. However Mr. 12 had taken to calling everything either random or epic, and subsequently I’m a little tired of suff being ‘EPPPIIIIC’ or ‘RA-ndom mum’.

I  love both this time of the year and autumn because I’m able to freely indulge in my love of coloured and patterned tights (or you might know them also as pantyhose, stockings, or sukkahousut). In the past week I’ve worn silvery tights; grey tights with flower self-pattern; a red that was almost orange and made my legs look like exposed flesh; as well as regular burgundy and the ever useful sheer black. Today I opened a new pair of grey houndstooth. Love that pattern.

Now I know that tights are very seasonal, and so last years’ colours just don’t cut it this year. However my style isn’t necessarily this year (or even last year sometimes). Why to spend a small fortune on something that quite possibly is destroyed before you even walk out the front door? I regularly scour the shelves of clothes shops snapping up last years colours and patterns marked down to ridiculous prices.

Image courtesy Nanso Group

I think this legs business stems from many years trapped in basic tan or black. When you work in the public eye, in some sort of service role and wear a uniform to boot, well you are expected to look the part. Well, no more of that for me.

Image courtesy Nanso Group

7 thoughts on “Obscure facts # 01

Add yours

  1. Glad to see you are flexing your Boss muscles!
    I myself enjoy spring and summer when the warmer weather makes pantyhose go away…
    great tune – haven’t seen that video in a long time


    1. 🙂 I can’t wait for summer (proper) bare feet and bare legs for 3 months solid. That first day back in socks or stockings is always so weird…


  2. Year, schmear! I bet you look great in any color, and a woman with class doesn’t have to worry about passing styles. Oh, and that was actually the very first time I ever saw that video — how weird is that?



    1. Thanks Judith, all I’ll say is that some reds are better than others! Thank goodness for youtube – bringing our youth back to torment us 😉


  3. Am so with you on the Epic and Random status of teens. Love the multi stockings, I’m very tempted to invest myseflt this year. 🙂


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