Election blues

The election is over, the results are tallied and we have a new president. The people have spoken loudly and clearly. I won’t go too much into the numbers although voter turnout for round two was considerably lower than the first round. 68.8% voted, and even though we were experiencing some particularly chilly weather over the weekend, my personal feeling is that people weren’t so excited to vote.

The winning candidate has been touted as the next president for so long now (ever since he lost to the present incumbent in 2006) that I’m sure some felt it was so obvious he was going to win, that any vote cast was not going to change the face of history so much.

So the green and gay candidate came a distant second (37.4% to 62.6%) and although I think that FInland is ready for a fresh style of president, the majority felt otherwise. One million other Finns were with me, as was the majority at my local polling booth. Still it’s only 6 years to the next election. Mr 12. will then be voting for the first time. Who knows what the future holds!

Next up for us will be the municipal elections in October. Debate and discussion has already started, and will only intensify closer to the date. Reform is the ‘theme’ this year and the discussion is centred around larger and fewer municipalities.

5 thoughts on “Election blues

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  1. Hi, Heather. I’m sorry your candidate didn’t win — status quo, you know, just like here in the States. Except that if we ever had a 68.8% voter turnout, even for high school class president, we’d all drop dead of shock. That is what we need here. I hope all else is well!


  2. Seconded to what judithatwood said about US turnout.
    It’s great that so many people there are engaged in the choices for their country!


  3. I’m surprised the numbers for US voter turnout are so low. Is it apathy or cynicsm or lack of faith in the system? Even though my guy didn’t get there, it was an interesting election and got people talking. We can wait until 2018!


    1. I think it’s apathy and hopelesness. Many people feel that their vote doesn’t make a difference, and has no impact at all…


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