Pea Soup: A recipe

Further to my previous posting, here is the (metric) recipe.

Pea Soup (serves 4)

2 l water
4 dl dried peas
750 g pork shank or blade / chuck (on the bone)
salt to taste
2-3 medium-sized carrots.
(1-2 meat or vegetable stock cubes)

Soak the peas overnight.
Add meat and carrots to the soaking peas.
Gently bring the broth to the boil, remove the scum as it rises.
Simmer until the meat is tender and falling from the bone. (1.5 – 2 hours).
Reduce the heat.
Remove the carrots from the soup and discard.
Remove the meat from the soup, shred / slice into bite-size pieces and return meat to the soup. Discard the bones.
Serve with finely diced onion and strong mustard to taste.

(If you are lucky enough to have a pressure cooker, reduce time by half)
(If you are using a regular saucepan, you may need to top up the liquid occasionally)

Adapted from Sata soppaa , Riitta Pojanluoma, 1995 (ISBN 951-26-3912-2)

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    1. Who’s the soup cook in your house? You or the Vampirelover? Something to try when then weather is really bitter outside!


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