Two little words…

I’m on a mission this year. I want to bring back the humble art of saying Thank You. Previously I’ve tried really hard the day after the night before to send a little card to the host (or hostess as the case generally is for BookClub gatherings), just to say thanks for a nice / fun / enjoyable evening. My thing for 2012 was going to be: “send a note or card every day” saying thanks for … good service, good food, nice presents. You get the picture 😉

Well, we are 16 days into this year and so far I have managed just two shows of thanks – one was last week, when I returned some faulty bits to The Beader, along with a quick scribble of thanks and the second is about to hit the mail box shortly in thanks to Girlfriend M who sent me this great link with some timely advice. I would like to think that she is one of my number 4’s!

Now, I could cheat and use Christmas as an excuse to send a heap of thank you’s and catch up on the other 14 days. To me, that sort of defeats the point. It is good manners to say thank you for gifts. So I’m going to bite the bullet and find 14 things to say thank you for … and write my Christmas thank you’s as well.

Why is it so hard for people to say thank you? It’s not as though it’s a sign of weakness (is it?!). If someone holds the door for me, I always say thank you. It’s polite after all. I’ve noticed that some people just barge through, as though it’s normal for someone else to hold the door open. If I’m feeling a little cranky I’ll say ‘you’re welcome’ as they continue on. Nine times out of ten they just keep going…

So, what do you think? Am I fighting a losing battle? Does anyone bother with thank you notes any more? What would you think if YOU got a thank you note?

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  1. ditto to El Guapo.. but i think notes are a lovely way of responding. Agree with the door holding, do some people expect the door to be held open for them… I always either smile or say thanks, and then pass it forward. 🙂


  2. Let me echo those above — courtesy has really gotten weak in the world today, “Thank You” is a perfect place to start. I can’t even imagine that the parents of today are not instilling this common courtesy of thanking someone. And I work in a store, where I thank the customers, and they thank me, and my response is, “You’re welcome,” not “No problem,” or ” Sure,” or some other less-courteous inanity. Thanks for speaking out!!


    1. Never a truer word written Judith. When did life become so busy? Common courtesy costs nothing.


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