Election time is looming…

In two weeks time we go to the polls for round one of the Presidential elections! This is the first time I’m able to vote in the Presidential elections, second time to go to the polls (we had parliamentary elections last April). The presidential term is 6 years long. My first visit to Finland coincided with the inauguration of Finland’s first female president. She was re-elected in 2006, and as I wasn’t voting, I didn’t really follow the candidates so closely. This time I’ve been following the media coverage, and this afternoon finally sat down to do a little research. I’ll put up more in a separate post – who the candidates are and what the president means to Finland. There are some interviews in English that I’ll try to post also.

The rest of the weekend has been very domestic. One of the book club members sent a link for an apartment in our complex that was for sale. The Engineer and I looked at the photos and decided that we should do some furniture rearrangement! Now the desk has turned 90 degrees, the dining table has moved into a window corner and the plants shifted to the right. This morning felt a little odd sitting so close to the window sipping my tea.

Friday was Epiphany and a holiday here in Finland. I visited the office for some quiet work time and managed to buy some last-minute dinner ingredients from the supermarket. Previously, Epiphany has been a day of no shopping. However there have been great improvements in shopping hours. The large influx of Russian tourists celebrating their new year helps.

Friday night is traditionally ‘good food night’ at our place. As The Engineer is off at the shipyard this weekend, I invited girlfriend ‘A’ to dinner. ‘A’ has lived as many years in Australia as I have lived in Finland, so we have plenty to talk about. Mr. 12 watched Mr. Popper. Jim Carey & the penguins – recommended, although Mr. 12 correctly predicted the ending. A K3 rating guarantees that some of life’s harsh realities are given kid glove treatment! Anyway, back to the food: mustard chicken with spinach and good old-fashioned mashed potato. Plus wine. I’m sure Saturday’s head-ache was a result of the hefty swig that went into the chicken!

Now it’s late Sunday afternoon, and we’re preparing for back to school and a new work week. Some clothes to wash, report card signed off, backpack stocked, calendar checked for appointments. The first school information evening is scheduled for this week already.

Hope you’ve had a relaxing weekend and are recharged for the new week coming! Have a good one 😎

4 thoughts on “Election time is looming…

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  1. Rearranging furniture even a wee bit makes for refreshing your outlook, mindset.

    We just did it with the spare room – because of finishing reflooring in the hallway to extend into that room required removing everything.

    Thinking ahead to our study – for that will be next on the list of reflooring. My wife has redone her desk/space – and I hope to start mine this week while she’s off work and can aid in moving some of the furniture around.

    I highly recommend the process.


    1. Now we’ve had the new arrangement a week and for now it will stay. I agree, good for the soul!


  2. Sounds like a good productive weekend, but not too stressful.
    I can’t wait to get back to work to leave the stress of this weekend behind…


    1. I hope your week was better. Crappy weekends are nver fun, alhtough maybe we need them every now and again to appreciate the good ones… More power to you my friend!


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