Flowerpot Rock

Flowerpot Rock
Flowerpot Rock
This little snapshot is of something very near and dear to me. The area we lived drew it’s name from this rock and when I was older people were always intrigued to hear that I came from a place called Flowerpot. At school I copped endless Bill and Ben jokes. (Hand’s up if you remember Bill and Ben, and Little Weeeed!) Mt. Wellington looms far in the background, while the late winter water is as cold as it looks.
This is the ‘beach’ where we played as children. No need for sand when there are all these rocks to clamber over. Lift any of the small rocks littering the foreshore and a dozen crabs will scurry for cover.
On hot summer days the water was cool enough to make the long walk up the hill home again feel refreshing! Our end of season bbq’s were held in the small parking lot at the end of the road. In winter it was a great place to walk and let the wind blow away what ever troubles I thought I had. When I was pregnant with Mr. 12 (he wasn’t 12 at the time!) and contemplating the future I would often walk here just to clear my mind.
It’s been a few years since I was last here, along with The Engineer and Mr. 12. I’m hoping that within the next 12 months we get to wander there again.

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  1. Yeah, I’d climb that. And then let go right near the top so I could splash down.
    Looks like a great playground to grow up near!


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