The sound of silence

I’ve used today’s title often when trying to describe that almost magical quiet that accompanies snow.

You just know, from the instant you waken that it’s been snowing. Heavily. You know that young branches will be bowing under the weight, grass will be struggling to push through, the rowan berries will be lightly dusted and doorways need to be shovelled free.

The best part of the first proper snow is the way that the landscape transforms from dark and gloomy to glowing and light. Street light is bounced back to the stratosphere, rather than being sucked into the murky ground.

Snow-men appear in every yard, and in fact, anywhere that the young and young at heart can roll some snow and through a body together. Snow-angels of every size and proportion grace the yard. Children run with the glee of young puppies, revelling in the powder.

Downside: the first snow always brings some casualties. Cars accidents are highlighted on the 10:00 pm news. Snow ploughs get going and slow the traffic for a while. The salt trucks are not far behind, spreading the first of many layers. On the home front, any car trip requires a little extra time: first to dig out, brush off and de-ice. Then the trip itself… No point rushing when the roads are snowy and icy. That’s a fast track to going off the road!

Personally, I’m glad we have snow. It means I can use the skis that I finally got around to buying 🙂 After 10 years, I now have skis and don’t have to rent ever again. Unless I want to go downhill, and the chances of that are very slim. 🙂

So, what’s your snow story? Love it? Hate it? Don’t see it? See too much of it?

6 thoughts on “The sound of silence

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    1. Our silence was shattered this morning! Mini snow plough / tractor-with-a-blade under the window at 0530…


  1. Perfectly described. I like walking around after a heavy snowfall – nothing but the sounds of the snow crunching underfoot and my own breath.

    Though in NYC, we only get that “clean beautiful snow” for a few hours. then it;s all blackened from the car exhaust…


    1. That crunch is so wonderful. They tell me that different levels of minus create different ‘crunchiness’. I don’t think I’ve lived here long enough to learn that yet!


  2. Lovely post! We still have a dry winter here — it has snowed 2 or 3 times, but it always melts. Today was the first day of really cold temperatures, but getting bundled up to go to work felt nice, all be itself. Have fun in the snow!


    1. and today it rained water! So much of the snow here is now slush… let’s hope the weekend brings something better.


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