Christmas Decorations

Despite living in Father Christmas's homeland, my decorating efforts are generally minimalistic and A timeless floral decoration (amarylis) and a modern twist for a glass tree ornament (I hang mine from the curtain rail with red & white twine). This year we'll spend a few days with anoppi (MIL) and enjoy her tree. Mr 12.... Continue Reading →

De-cluttering part 1: The Flea Market

e-Bay, Huuto-net, flea market, garage sale, yard sale, swap meet, boot sale, net-cycler, free cycler... The list of outlets and ways for getting rid of stuff is endless. We live in a 3 room apartment * 78 square metres. Limited storage space. One storage locker in the house cellar. The house does have common store... Continue Reading →

Pearls of wisdom

Finns love word play and Finnish, despite its' complexity and sometimes mind-boggling grammar is perfect for word play. Take my library card for instance.Front and centre you can see the words HelMet. Short for Helsinki Metropolitan Area Libraries. Helmet is also a proper word in Finnish (the plural form of helmi which means pearl in... Continue Reading →

Sandwich makers and rescuing Sunday dinner

We have one of these nifty multi-tasking sandwich makers. We bought it maybe 4 years ago at about this time of the year. 3-in-1: waffles, toasted sandwiches (toasties) and then a grill plate for baguette or pieces of meat, vegetables etc. When I was a student the sandwich maker was a kitchen essential. Perfect for... Continue Reading →

Hello readers!

My very first post! Earlier I was thinking to post a few posts privately, just to get the hang of this blogging business. Now, after Christmas party # 2 and plenty of good food and wine, I'm thinking along the lines of Nike. You know. JUST DO IT! So, if you are able to read... Continue Reading →

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