The year that was (the other side of 2011)

Here is my other year:

January: Snorkeling is perhaps the scariest thing I have ever done. Not an experience I wish to repeat. An overwhelming feeling of ‘I’m going to drown’ destroyed the first few minutes of wonder.

February: As soon as the temperature falls to freezing I dry up. My skin looks ancient, my hair stands on end, I become a walking, talking static generator. The skin on my hands cracks and bleeds. The solution: smothering my hands with hand cream and popping them into cotton gloves overnight. Except I heat up and have to rip the gloves off because my hands are so sweaty.

March: See February.

April: My head was caught by the lid on the rubbish bin as it was closing. Result: headache which lasted a week. Prognosis: wait 2 more weeks then come back if you’re still having headaches.

May: Returned to doctor who recommended proper eye examination. Eye examination duly followed. Prognosis: left eye is doing all the work. Glasses and quickly!

June: Terrible sunburn to the small of my back. The cycling outfit rides up as I ride along…

July: Realise that body is not quite as resilient as it used to be. The mornings after the night before drag on a lot more these days.

August: Yet another eye exam, this time for my drivers licence. Reason: 45th birthday.

September: Another 45th anniversary inspection: work health this time. Prognosis: keep up the good work, watch out for the winter lazies…

October: Mammogram. I nearly pass out from the pain. Prognosis: all clear, come back in two years or earlier if you feel any suspect lumps.

November: Healthwise nothing exciting. Workwise: too much and no end in sight.

December: See November. Except there is an end in sight. Hooray!!!

Happy New Year / Hyvää Uutta Vuotta!!


2 thoughts on “The year that was (the other side of 2011)

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  1. Even for the rough stuff, you have a good sense of humor about it.
    Hope 2012 is everything you hope for and more, for you and all of yours. (with lots of sun, fun and smores)(and away from the bores)(cant stop myself – it’s a chore)
    Happy New year, Kanerva!


    1. 🙂 Mr. 12 is the smores fan here.

      I know 2012 will be interesting. Hope you and yours also have a great 2012 🙂


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