Platform 11, Friday 0645


Very quiet and far in the distance there is a circle of lights. Helsinki’s amusement park Linnunmäki is closed for winter. That doesn’t stop them from decorating all the rides with lights to see us through this dark season. The circle is the Helsinki Wheel (Ferris Wheel).

Soon my train is here, and hopefully I catch some zzz to make up for lost sleep last night 😦

6 thoughts on “Platform 11, Friday 0645

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    1. Alas, no such luck. On my way to our other office for a day of meetings… Ugh. Yawning already. At least the train has free WiFi so I’m catching up on all sorts of things. Except sleep. That’s what I get for having a ‘smart’ phone 😉


      1. Sorry. Though I’d have said Not catching up on sleep – that’s what I have a job for!
        Hope the day goes fast and smoothly, and have a great new year.


  1. Small suggestion for photos. Link small display photo from the post to large version stored in gallery. I use 1500 pixels wide for horizontal or 800 pixels high for vertical.

    Put a note beneath photo suggesting “click photo to enlarge”.

    I do this at all the blogs I edit.


    1. Thanks for the hint, I know I have a loooong way to go with getting my posts in order, and answering comments etc. I’ve jumped in without properly reading the instructions first 🙂

      Do you know if this technique is possible ‘on the go’? From memory, I opened the wordpress app, created the post and added the photo by taking the photo (rather than adding from the phone’s album). Added the text and then published. Maybe when I’m back at my computer I need to edit the photos.


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