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or am I spreading myself too thin? Or worse still, repeating myself and boring the pants off everybody?! Is this every bloggers nightmare? Or typical newbie blogger paranoia? Is it possible to have too many pies on the go? I have to ask this, as I’ve seen some twitter accounts incessantly tweeting the most ridiculous and inane guff.  Their Facebook accounts aren’t much better, and  if there is too much repetition why to look any further.

I’m pondering this as I toy with the idea of creating a new blog for my culinary endeavours of 2012 and then yet another blog for a once in a lifetime trip that is coming up very soon..

So, I’ll throw caution to the wind and share a little bit more of me here…  yes I’m on Facebook (FB), although I haven’t shared this blog with my FB friends just yet. I’m still finding my voice a little… My FB account is (with the exception of a couple that I ‘connected’ with long the way – we clicked in the right way :)) strictly for those that I’ve met in the flesh.

I have a LinkedIn account, which I call my FB for grownups. There is some overlap with FB, old work colleagues etc, although many of my more recent connections have been based purely on email contacts. I’m not so active updating the information, although lately I’ve made a concerted effort to add or update at least one detail each  week.

Twitter I have… you can see at the bottom of the page (I hope it’s there anyway!) and I try to use this as a mix of personal, work, and the blog.

So, crunch time! Two new blogs or a series of postings under this blog? On one hand a series makes it easy to categorise, tag etc. On the other hand, these other subjects are not at the crux of being a Taswegian in Finland. To bore or not to bore, that is the question. My future is in your hands!


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  1. You are not at all boring.
    Though if you kept it to one blog, I wouldn’t have to add two more blogs on my visit list which would be nice. Seriously, damn list gets longer every day…
    On the other hand, it’s the internet. Do what makes you happy.
    I’ll read them either way…


  2. ok, one blog may be easier, as you can have as many categories as you please to seperate your interests and topics. with the Twitter and FB guff, you blow over the bits you don’t want to read and like/comment etc on the bits you do. I have plenty of friends I do this with. We read what we find interesting. Sharing the blog on Fb, especially amonsgt your friends is a good thing.. if they don’t want to read, they don’t have to. what are you scared of?
    although these two new topics are not at the crux of being a Tas in Finland, they are still part of who you are, and that is a Tas in Finland.
    I agree with El Guapo, do what pleases you and I’ll read on as always. 🙂


  3. I think I’ve solved the separate blog question: it’s an easy step to add two new pages – so that’s what I’ll do. ‘Daily Dinner’ or something in that vein and then ‘Once in a lifetime – again’ – that one will have a limited life so it doesn’t really make sense to have a whole new blog for it…
    Regarding not sharing on FB yet: this blogging exercise is a precursor to my business blog / webpage. (That’s not going so well at present, for a heap of different reasons). Anyway, I’m still getting to know wordpress, subscribing, commenting, posting, pictures – there is so much here, I feel like I’m just scratching the surface. Plus I want to get a bit of a routine happening before I really launch myself on the rest of the world. As it is, I’m breaking one of my self-imposed social media rules by posting, liking and commenting during work time.

    Thnaks for your comments, much appreciated, as always.


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