Boxing Day update

Coffee with my girlfriend was great! So much to say and so little time. The good things that came out of our catch up was that now we have up-to-date numbers and email addresses. We have that rare friendship that endures time and distance so that it is like we have never been apart.

The rest of boxing day was spent in the car returning to Helsinki. There was massive storm overnight and not only was the roadside strewn with fallen trees, all the highway signage was dark and the fuel stops had to shut shop as there was no electricity to pump the fuel. Luckily we tanked before we left …

We were all still full from Christmas day feasting so at least no-one was in any hurry to stop for a snack along the way. Toilet breaks were a different matter, so we had to find a safe place to pull off the freeway so Mr. 12 could gain some relief 😉

The Engineer and I have a great system. I drive when we are outside the city (which means every long trip) and he drives inside the city. I really don’t like narrow cobblestone streets and he tends to get a bit dozy on the open road. System works perfectly! Although sometime The Engineer likes to play with the buttons while we’re moving along. Nothing brings your attention back like the hazard lights flashing for no discernable reason. I get much better fuel consumption than he does (the secret is not to use cruise control)!


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