Boxing Day

I had planned to post about our Christmas tree. Then I received the Versatile Blogger nomination. (Big thanks to Jenbeads :)) So I should read up on that and do a posting. Last week I read an article about a day in the life of Finland and thought that might be a good blog topic. (Teaser: we send 11 million sms messages EVERY day). However, today I’ll do something even more important than blogging (I’m still new at this, so perhaps the veteran bloggers shall disagree!!!).

Instead, an old friend is coming for coffee and cake. We met when I first moved to Finland and our sons were in the same play school. I moved away and although we’ve seen each other every now and again over the years, this is the first time since 2002 that we’ve managed to take the time to sit and chat.

How did you / will you spend Boxing Day?


4 thoughts on “Boxing Day

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  1. I’m spending it at work, because the US doesn’t have boxing day. Hmph.
    Sounds like you have a great day planned, so I’ll just enjoy it vicariously through you.


    1. I just posted the update to boxing day! Why is it that USA has no boxing day?

      It’s so weird, even though I know it’s Tuesday today, it really feels like a Monday 😉 Some people take time off between Christmas and New Year here – Mr. 12 has break from school up until after Epiphany (6th January) and then in in Australia it’s the beginning of summer holiday for lots of people – they start at Christmas and come back some time in January.

      Me, I’m just waiting for the snow 😉


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