Christmas Decorations

Despite living in Father Christmas’s homeland, my decorating efforts are generally minimalistic



A timeless floral decoration (amarylis) and a modern twist for a glass tree ornament (I hang mine from the curtain rail with red & white twine).

This year we’ll spend a few days with anoppi (MIL) and enjoy her tree. Mr 12. will have a fun time decorating with ornaments, candles and flags. Generally trees are decorated in the last few days before Christmas and the market squares are already filling with sellers spruiking their spruces! Fresh trees have such a wonderful smell, even if cleaning up the needles can be a pain…

Maybe I have come back and edit this post to make it look pretty. My first mobile post and I just wanted to see how it goes 🙂

(Edited to make it pretty: justified text :))

2 thoughts on “Christmas Decorations

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  1. I love the big bauble, very bright. I would love to also have a real tree agian but my OT (shall we call hime The Miner?) is pedantic about the mess and I really can’t be that bothered to argue about it.
    I do like that the tree is done a few days before hand too. It’s funny, my Mr 12 likes to decorate the tree also. 🙂

    And post looks great from the mobile. I’m getting a new phone soon so am hoping to post by mobile too (if the need arises of course). J


  2. Phone and keys. I always have them with me. (I think I’d be a little lost without my phone). If there is Wifi available where ever I am … so much better.


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